WWE Match Stopped: Wrestler Injury Sparks Concern with Joe Gacy

WWE Match Stopped: Wrestler Injury Sparks Concern with Joe Gacy

Following a concerning moment during tonight’s WWE NXT event, an update has emerged regarding the well-being of a wrestling star involved in a match that was unexpectedly halted by the referee.

In the latest episode of WWE NXT, a match between Oba Femi and Joe Gacy for the North American Championship took an unexpected turn when Gacy appeared to sustain a potential injury. During a maneuver by Femi, Gacy’s head made contact with the mat, prompting immediate attention from the referee.

As Gacy remained on the ground, seemingly unable to continue, the referee signaled for medical assistance using the ‘X’ hand motion, indicating a legitimate concern for the wrestler’s safety. The match was promptly stopped, with Oba Femi ultimately retaining his title due to the referee’s intervention.

In subsequent segments, viewers witnessed Gacy approaching NXT GM Ava, requesting a match against Shawn Spears at NXT Stand & Deliver, which was granted.

Speaking on the situation during Fightful’s NXT post-show, Corey Brennan shed light on the incident, attributing it to the strict concussion protocol implemented in professional wrestling. Brennan emphasized the immediate cessation of matches at the slightest indication of potential injury, a practice increasingly adopted to prioritize wrestler safety.

Despite initial concerns, reports indicate that Joe Gacy walked backstage under his own power, a reassuring sign for his well-being. While the incident necessitated adjustments to the event’s schedule, including the reshooting of segments, it appears Gacy is cleared to compete at NXT Stand & Deliver.

The precautionary measures taken underscore the WWE’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its performers, with Gacy’s recovery progressing positively following tonight’s events.

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