AEW’s Passive Pursuit No Serious Bid for WWE’s Prime Target

AEW's Passive Pursuit No Serious Bid for WWE's Prime Target

WWE’s Latest Sensation and AEW’s Missed Opportunity

WWE’s Radar Lights Up for Giulia

In the world of professional wrestling, one name that’s been making waves is Giulia, the Japanese sensation from STARDOM. WWE seems to have recognized her potential, with reports suggesting a keen interest in bringing her onboard. However, the same enthusiasm isn’t echoed by AEW, as revealed in a recent report.


Contract Ties: Giulia and Bushiroad Until March 2024

Giulia’s current wrestling journey is intricately tied to Bushiroad, and she’s under contract until March 2024. Despite this, the rumor mill is buzzing with talks of her reaching out to WWE multiple times in recent days, indicating a strong desire for a new chapter in her career.


Dave Meltzer’s Insights: AEW’s Lack of Interest

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Watcher newsletter, Dave Meltzer shed light on the wrestling landscape concerning Giulia. According to Meltzer, AEW hasn’t seriously considered bringing Giulia into their roster. In fact, there have been no talks, and Giulia herself hasn’t contemplated a move to AEW.


WWE vs. AEW: Giulia’s Wrestling Odyssey

Giulia’s allegiance lies with WWE, and she seems intent on staying within the Japanese wrestling circuit. The relationship between Giulia and WWE is complex, with previous indications of her attending the Performance Center later being retracted.


Shayna Baszler’s Recognition of Giulia’s Potential

One WWE superstar who sees immense potential in Giulia is Shayna Baszler. In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Baszler identified Giulia as a noteworthy player, further fueling speculation about a potential collaboration.


Giulia’s Championship Reign: A STARDOM Marvel

Currently holding the prestigious title of Artist in the STARDOM Championship, Giulia’s wrestling prowess is undeniable. She’s a two-time STARDOM Champion, previously holding the titles of Goddess of STARDOM and clinching victories in both the Wonder of STARDOM and World of STARDOM Championships.


NJPW Strong Women’s Champion: Giulia’s Impact in the USA

Not limiting her success to Japan, Giulia is also the reigning NJPW Strong Women’s Champion. Her debut United States match at the IMPACT Wrestling co-promoted Multiverse United 2 in August 2023 saw her securing the title.


In conclusion, Giulia’s journey in the wrestling world is one of continuous evolution and achievement. While WWE recognizes her star power, AEW seems to be missing out on the chance to add a remarkable talent to their roster. As Giulia’s contract with Bushiroad continues until March 2024, the wrestling community eagerly awaits the next chapter in her illustrious career.


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