AEW’s Tony Khan Declares War! Inside the Epic Relationship Battle with ROH and Warner Bros

AEW's Tony Khan Declares War! Inside the Epic Relationship Battle with ROH and Warner Bros

On the 2nd of March 2022, within the “AEW Dynamite” program, AEW CEO Tony Khan formally declared the acquisition of Ring of Honor by the company, although the transaction concluded two months later, precisely on May 4. A year later, Khan, addressing the media conference preceding the Friday’s ROH pay-per-view, Final Battle, divulged additional insights about the intricate positioning of the promotion concerning Warner Bros. Discovery.

“We’ve engaged in profoundly constructive discussions with Warner Brothers Discovery. Our meeting with them today was exceptionally fruitful, fostering an exciting relationship that has burgeoned over the years, significantly broadening the horizons for AEW,” articulated Khan. “Ring of Honor, albeit an enthralling wrestling entity, remains ancillary to the current discourse, positioned as a third party within the relationship. However, it contributes substantial value to both AEW and media conglomerates.”

During the media conference, Khan underscored the paramount importance for himself, his family, and their business to secure ROH media rights, coupled with the “vast library,” ensuring accessibility when negotiating media rights acquisition for AEW in the approaching year. Meanwhile, aficionados can stream the series on Honor Club at a monthly subscription rate of $9.99, inclusive of pay-per-view access.

“It’s immensely beneficial for my family, me, and our business ventures that ROH media rights, the expansive library, and intellectual property are readily accessible to us as we embark on securing new media rights for AEW in 2024. The additional value lies in the amalgamation of the ROH library with the continually expanding AEW library,” expounded Khan.

The Final Battle will witness Athena contending for her ROH women’s title against former adversary Billie Starkz, in addition to a Jay Briscoe Memorial Fight Without Honor match.

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