AWE-INSPIRING MOMENT: AEW Superstar Share sCandid Thoughts on Sibling’s WWE Championship Victory

AWE-INSPIRING MOMENT: AEW Superstar Share sCandid Thoughts on Sibling's WWE Championship Victory

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AEW luminary RUSH has responded to the triumph of his real-life sibling, who clinched a championship at NXT Deadline. Dragon Lee graced the stage at the premium live event on December 9, vying for Dominik Mysterio’s coveted NXT North American Championship.

Emerging triumphant, Lee pinned Mysterio, securing his inaugural WWE title. RUSH, expressing pride in his brother, took to Twitter to extend congratulations. Accompanying his message was a snapshot of Lee alongside Rey Mysterio, with RUSH captioning his post:

“Hearty congratulations, brother. The fruits and accolades of toil and discipline are rightfully yours. I am immensely proud of you.

With affection, HERMANO #MuñozDynasty #HermanosMuñoz”

Having signalled his affiliation with WWE in late December 2023, Dragon Lee, despite his NXT laurels, currently graces the SmackDown roster.

RUSH’s most recent foray into the wrestling arena transpired on the December 6 edition of Dynamite, where he crossed paths with Jon Moxley in the AEW Continental Classic Gold League.

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