Breaking Ground: WWE Star’s Unexpected Venture Takes Center Stage

WWE Star's Unexpected Venture Takes Center Stage

The latest episode of WWE NXT, which aired on December 5, revealed a surprising twist in the career of WWE star Ava, also known as Simone Johnson. Ava, the real-life daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, took on a role during the episode that strongly resembled that of a General Manager backstage on NXT TV.

After a prolonged absence from television following the disbandment of the Schism faction, Ava reappeared over the past couple of weeks. During the recent episode, she played a pivotal role in diffusing a situation in the women’s locker room and then announced her intention to consult with Shawn Michaels to organize a match.

In a subsequent announcement directly to the camera, Ava disclosed a headline match for NXT Deadline – a steel cage showdown between Kiana James and Roxanne Perez, a match she successfully orchestrated.

In an unrelated development, NXT Anonymous injected doubt into Trick Williams’ mind concerning Carmelo Hayes and a potential partnership with Lexis King. In response, Hayes assured Trick that he would discuss the matter with Ava. Later, Melo revealed that Ava had secured a match for him at NXT Deadline against Lexis King.

Meanwhile, Tyler Bate entered the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge as the ‘last chance’ entrant after winning a fatal four-way battle against Carmelo Hayes, Eddy Thorpe, and Joe Coffey.

The women’s division also saw Fallon Henley emerge victorious in the ‘last chance’ four-way earlier in the night.

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