Breaking the Cardinal Rule: WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Shocking Revelation on Vince Russo

Breaking the Cardinal Rule: WWE Hall of Famer Booker T's Shocking Revelation on Vince Russo

Unveiling the Controversial Victory: Booker T’s Triumph at WWE’s Bash at the Beach 2000

Witnessing History: Booker T Grabs the WCW World Heavyweight Championship


In the thrilling spectacle that was WWE’s Bash at the Beach pay-per-view in 2000, Booker T etched his name in the annals of wrestling history. The coveted WCW World Heavyweight Championship changed hands as Booker T emerged victorious over Jeff Jarrett. However, this triumph wasn’t without its fair share of controversy.


The Russo Twist: A Bold Move That Altered Fate

Booker T Credits Vince Russo for the Win

Booker T, in a candid moment on the “Hall of Fame” podcast, acknowledged the pivotal role played by Vince Russo in his championship win. However, Booker T didn’t shy away from addressing a significant bone of contention. Russo, then the head writer of WCW, not only positioned himself as a key talent on the show but also clinched the WCW World Heavyweight Championship the same night.


Breaking the Rules: Russo’s Controversial Inclusion

“When he came to WCW, he did something that’s — he broke the cardinal rule,” Booker T remarked. “And that is, [he] came in as a writer, and the next thing you know, he put himself on the show as a talent.”


Hypocrisy in the Limelight: Booker T’s Candid Critique

Booker T Calls Out Russo’s Hypocritical Stance

Booker T didn’t mince words when pointing out the perceived hypocrisy in Russo’s actions. Despite Russo’s vocal opinions on the wrestling business, Booker T highlighted the irony of Russo incorporating himself into the main stories of the business.


“He’s gotten so much from this business as far as him still being able to make money off it, and then when he was in it, he implemented himself right into the main stories of the business. I just don’t get someone like that,” Booker T expressed.


Russo’s Memorable Moment Turns Controversial

Russo’s Career-Defining Move: From Creative Head to World Champion

Vince Russo, the mastermind behind Booker T’s world title win, had a storied career that saw him transition from leading WWE’s creative department during the Attitude Era to a pivotal role in WCW. His crowning achievement, however, became a talking point as he defeated Booker T in a steel cage fight to secure the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on September 25, 2000, during the “WCW Nitro” show.


A Twist in Fate: Russo’s Abrupt Exit

The glory, however, was short-lived. Russo’s reign as champion faced an abrupt end after an incident in the steel cage match where Goldberg intervened, causing Russo to suffer a concussion. Within days, Russo relinquished the coveted belt, marking the conclusion of his time at WCW.


Final Verdict: A Controversial Chapter Closes

In retrospect, Booker T’s victory at Bash at the Beach 2000 remains etched in the memories of wrestling fans, not just for the triumph itself but for the controversies that surrounded it. The clash between creative decisions and in-ring action added a layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving fans with a lasting debate over the role of writers turned champions in the world of professional wrestling.


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