Brooks Jensen Unveils WWE Star’s Fresh Theme Song

Brooks Jensen Unveils WWE Star's Fresh Theme Song

WWE has released a new song that was inspired by the recent dark match in which they used a licensed song as theme music.

Brooks Jensen, a WWE NXT superstar, entered the ring to Journey’s song Separate Ways Worlds Apart for a match in the dark against Oba Femi. This was a few months before NXT Halloween Havoc.

The song was a hit on social media because WWE does not use licensed entrance music very often. Jensen teased that one day we might hear it on NXT TV.

Brooks, Josh Briggs, and Fallon Henley went their separate ways on NXT TV, which allowed Brooks to be repackaged, and the theme song used for Jensen.

Jensen won the match against Luca Crusifino on last night’s NXT level Up episode. This was the first time he had played singles since he left Briggs to go off alone.

Brooks did in fact debut a brand-new theme song, although it wasn’t the iconic Journey song, but a WWE-produced version.

Brooks won the match by diving off the top of the rope. It seems that Brooks will be transitioning into a throwback 80’s wrestler.

This week, Brooks’ former co-star Fallon Henley beat Tiffany Stratton in the show. Tiffany will now be Brooks’ ranch hand.

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