Confirmed Match between Former WWE Champions on AEW Dynamite

Confirmed Match between Former WWE Champions on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan has announced big singles event on Tuesday’s (January 31) edition of AWE Dynamite.

Khan made a post on Twitter for the announcement his announcement that Jeff Hardy will go one-on-one against the former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

The AEW President pumped this game up, while also confirming it was AEW Rankings will also return on Wednesday’s show.

Tony Khan shared the following preview:

This Wednesday 1/31, New Orleans, LA, Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite

@TBSNetwork 8pm ET/7pm CT


Mox and Jeff Hardy 1-on-1 for the first time ever, battling to win a crucial victory on the night will see the AEW Rankings will make their long-awaited return this week!

In January, Tony Khan announced that AEW Rankings will be back “this month”.

This will mean that winnings and losses directly impact the title match being played and only players in the upper tier of list are eligible to compete at their respective championships.

The scheduled match could be the fourth AEW match in the calendar following his return on the 20th of January.

Jeff Hardy will be playing in his third straight singles match following his fights against Darby Allin during the episode of January 19 of Rampage as well as Swerve Strickland on January 24 episode of Dynamite.

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