Debunking the Hype: WWE’s Randy Orton VS Grayson Waller – A Closer Look

Debunking the Hype: WWE's Randy Orton VS Grayson Waller - A Closer Look

WWE Star Sparks Controversy: Calls Randy Orton ‘Overrated’ Ahead of WrestleMania

In the aftermath of a heated encounter between Randy Orton and rising WWE star Austin Theory on SmackDown, tensions seem to be escalating as another wrestler, Grayson Waller, throws shade at the veteran superstar.

The recent events unfolded during a main event match that saw Orton triumph over Theory with his signature RKO, all while Kevin Owens watched from the commentary booth.

Waller, who has been intertwined with United States Champion Logan Paul’s camp in recent storylines, took to Twitter to share his thoughts ahead of the upcoming SmackDown.

In a cryptic tweet, Waller hinted at inner turmoil, stating, “It’s been a weird few days, I’ve started hearing voices in my head.

They keep saying ‘Randy Orton is overrated’.” This provocative statement has stirred the pot in the WWE universe, adding fuel to the fire as WrestleMania approaches.

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