Drew McIntyre’s Recent Defeat: Top WWE Star Contemplates What’s Next

Drew McIntyre's Recent Defeat: Top WWE Star Contemplates What's Next

After a major loss to start the new year, a top WWE star questioned “what’s next” for them.

WWE Raw’s Day 1 Special Episode aired this week. It featured a World Heavyweight Championship Match between Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre.

Rollins won the title after Damian Priest’s interference and Judgment Day.

Drew McIntyre has played a major role in Monday Night Raw’s recent episodes, as he is determined to get revenge on Jey for denying him the opportunity to beat Roman Reigns during Clash at Castle.

Drew posted an update on Twitter, asking for more information after his defeat in this week’s Raw.

Drew admitted that he didn’t really know what would happen next before removing the video.

Drew’s contract will expire in late 2018. He has not yet signed a contract extension with WWE to stay in the company.

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