Exclusive Sneak Peek at WWE WrestleMania 40’s Set Construction

Exclusive Sneak Peek at WWE WrestleMania 40's Set Construction

A snapshot circulating online claims to offer a sneak peek at the setup for WrestleMania 40, slated to take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

With less than ten days left until the Premium Live Event on April 6 & 7, a Twitter user going by the handle Milenial shared an image hinting at the layout within the 67,594-seater stadium.

Milenial’s tweet, accompanied by the image, provides a glimpse into the preparatory work underway. Translated by Google, the caption reads:

“Presenting the inaugural photo! The construction of the ring enclosure has commenced (owing to the rain), and the groundwork for the stage is visibly in progress. It’s all coming together!”

Responding to a query about potential sunlight during the event, Milenial acknowledged the stadium’s ample exposure but anticipated dusk shortly after the main show kicks off.

Despite indications of cloudy weather, Milenial assured followers that the vast majority of the event would unfold under nighttime skies.

As anticipation builds for WrestleMania 40, enthusiasts can expect more glimpses of the venue to surface. WrestleTalk remains poised to relay any updates as they unfold.

Recent reports suggest WWE intends to enrich the event further by featuring additional wrestling legends alongside speculated appearances by icons such as John Cena, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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