Exploring Dominik Mysterio’s Underrated Status: WWE Star’s Perspective Revealed

Exploring Dominik Mysterio's Underrated Status: WWE Star's Perspective Revealed

In the dynamic landscape of WWE, the spotlight often shines brightest on the most flamboyant personas. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, lies a gem often overlooked – Dominik Mysterio. Damian Priest, renowned WWE star and a key member of the formidable faction, Judgment Day, recently shed light on why Dominik deserves more recognition.

Speaking on the Superstar Crossover Podcast with Josh Martinez of Z100, Priest expressed his sentiments about Dominik’s underappreciated talent. He remarked, “It’s hard to say ‘underrated’ when everybody’s a Superstar. You know what I mean? Like you’re in WWE because you’re part of the best. That’s how that works.” However, he didn’t shy away from highlighting Dominik’s prowess.

Priest, who himself is part of the Judgment Day faction alongside Dominik, emphasized the young Mysterio’s abilities. He noted, “I think Dominik, people see him as the guy that’s fun to boo him. Then, he gets in the ring, and I think they’re like, ‘What, where does that come from?’ It’s like, no, he’s good. He’s really good.”

The WWE landscape often paints Dominik as a polarizing figure, one who elicits boos from the crowd. However, Priest believes that this perception overshadows Dominik’s in-ring talent. “I think people forget that because they just know the guy that gets booed because it’s fun to boo him. You forget that he can go in the ring and he’s very talented,” Priest added.

Furthermore, Priest highlighted Dominik’s remarkable growth since joining the Judgment Day faction. “His improvement since he joined the Judgment Day, I mean, if you look at Dominik a week before he joined the Judgment Day, and you look at him now, it’s a completely different person. I think people forget about that part, too,” he explained.

While Dominik’s last appearance on WWE TV saw him distracting his father Rey Mysterio during a match with Santos Escobar, it’s evident that his journey in WWE is far from over. As Damian Priest aptly put it, Dominik Mysterio is a talent deserving of recognition, one who continually proves his worth inside the squared circle.

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