Gratitude Expressed by WWE NXT Star to CM Punk for Shared Insights

Gratitude Expressed by WWE NXT Star to CM Punk for Shared Insights

CM Punk is still posing for pictures together with WWE NXT stars, this time with a fan favorite who has returned Nikkita Lyons expressed her gratitude to him for his time and expertise’.

CM Punk was spotted in a relationship with another young WWE superstar This time, an old fan favorite who has not seen for a considerable time.

NXT superstar and internet star Nikkita Lyons has returned to WWE NXT after suffering an injury in the month of January that then required surgery and rehabilitation.

On WWE NXT, Nikkita Lyons returned to the ring in a tag team match in which she was paired up with NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria.

Even though the duo eventually lost to rivals Cora Jade and Blair Davenport, Lyons did have a victory against Davenport who, in the storyline, had removed her from action.

Then it appears Nikkita Lyons hung out with a different person onstage at NXT in the past, and shared some photos and none other than CM Punk.

Lyons posted the photos with the following caption:

“I’VE been Punk’D! Thanks to you for the time, effort and understanding @CMPunk “

Otherwhere in WWE information, another wrestler has been expressing his opinions regarding the return Punk to the WWE by expressing a snarky opinion of his own.

CM Punk is also seen exercising together with Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez and posted a hilarious picture on social media.

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