Interactions Between Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and CM Punk

Interactions Between Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and CM Punk

The wrestling world witnessed the long-awaited return of CM Punk at Survivor Series 2023, marking his comeback to WWE after almost a decade away from the ring, and notably, in his hometown of Chicago.

Since his return, Punk has engaged with various familiar faces, sharing on-screen moments with the likes of Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston as part of his reintegration into the WWE universe.

Interestingly, one former colleague Punk has not encountered yet is the two-time WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lashley and Punk shared the ring in the memorable Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at December to Dismember 2006.

In a recent interview, Lashley shared insights into his interactions with Punk, describing each encounter as positive. Lashley expressed, “I know CM Punk, I don’t know him really well.” He continued, “I always form my opinion on someone based on my interaction with them. Ever since I’ve known CM Punk, every time when I talk to him, I’ve always had a positive conversation, nothing negative.”

Lashley brushed off potential backstage drama, saying, “If he said something behind my back to someone else? I don’t know about it. I don’t go into those kinds of dramas. So, he’s back.”

CM Punk recently stepped into the ring for his first televised match since the return, participating in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble. Despite reaching the final two, Punk fell short as he was the last to be eliminated by the eventual winner, Cody Rhodes.

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