Jeff Hardy Takes a Heel Turn in AEW: Former WWE Champion’s Stunning Move

Jeff Hardy Takes a Heel Turn in AEW: Former WWE Champion's Stunning Move

Jeff Hardy’s Heel Turn Unfolds in AEW Singles Pursuit

In AEW, the wrestling landscape is witnessing a surprising transformation in former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. Despite his illustrious past in WWE, where he held numerous championships, Hardy has yet to taste gold in AEW. However, with the resurgence of the AEW rankings system in 2024, Hardy has declared his intention to amass singles victories.

A pivotal moment unfolded on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite as Jeff Hardy faced Jon Moxley in a highly anticipated one-on-one match. While Moxley emerged victorious, the aftermath revealed a different side of Hardy. Instead of the customary post-match handshake, Hardy, displaying increasingly heelish tendencies, flipped the finger to Moxley, signaling a potential shift in his character.

The situation escalated when Moxley became the target of a beatdown orchestrated by several CMLL stars present at ringside. This retaliation seemingly stemmed from an earlier interaction in the match where Moxley had shown disrespect by giving them the finger. The CMLL stars sought retribution, leading to a chaotic scene.

The beatdown, however, was short-lived, as Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker rushed to Moxley’s aid, chasing off the CMLL stars. Notably, the commentary team emphasized the absence of other members of Blackpool Combat Club from Dynamite that night.

This turn of events raises intriguing questions about Jeff Hardy’s trajectory in AEW and sets the stage for potential confrontations and rivalries in pursuit of singles gold.

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