Jim Cornette Reacts to CM Punk Reference on WWE Raw

Jim Cornette Reacts to CM Punk Reference on WWE Raw

Jim Cornette Reacts to CM Punk’s WWE Raw Mention

Following CM Punk’s mention of Jim Cornette’s podcasts on WWE Raw, Cornette has responded both on his show and social media.

During this week’s WWE Raw episode (March 25), CM Punk engaged in a fiery exchange with Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins in the ring. However, what caught fans’ attention was Punk’s remarks towards Pat McAfee on commentary just before the arrival of McIntyre or Rollins.

Acknowledging McAfee’s show, Punk mentioned that while he wasn’t a daily listener, he does tune into “the Drive Thru and the Experience,” indirectly referencing Cornette’s podcasts without explicitly naming him.

While Punk’s focus shifted to Roman Reigns’ recent appearance on McAfee’s show, the nod to Cornette’s podcasts intrigued those familiar with the scene.

Although Jim Cornette uploaded a clip of his reaction to the mention on his YouTube channel, a picture shared by his wife Stacey spoke volumes. The image portrayed Cornette striking Punk’s signature pose in a Punk shirt alongside their adorable dog Harley Quinn. The caption read: “Jim, Harley Quinn, and the ratings say ‘It’s clobberin’ time!’ #cultofviewerswatchingtv #demogod #philthearena”

Meanwhile, CM Punk is set for an intriguing appearance with Ariel Helwani. Helwani announced that on Monday, April 1, Punk will be live in his studio for an interview on “The MMA Hour.” This interview marks Punk’s first live extended appearance since joining WWE and leaving AEW. Helwani emphasized that the interview will have “no restrictions, nothing off limits, no holds barred, nothing is taboo.”

It’s worth noting Helwani’s past exchange with Tony Khan over social media, which escalated during February 2023. Punk’s journey, from being fired by AEW in September 2023 to his surprise return to WWE in November 2023, adds layers to his upcoming interview with Helwani.

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