John Cena’s Response to Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating Inquiry in WWE

John Cena's Response to Dave Meltzer's Star Rating Inquiry in WWE

During a recent appearance on 92NY, a cultural channel centered around New York City, John Cena found himself facing questions that diverged from the usual WWE-centric discussions. The audience threw a curveball at Cena when they inquired about his acclaimed 4.5-star match against AJ Styles and whether he aimed to achieve a perfect 5-star rating in the future.

Cena, ever the consummate performer, provided a thoughtful response. He articulated that while he acknowledges the significance some attach to star ratings, particularly in the realm of professional wrestling, his primary concern has always been the satisfaction of the audience as a collective entity rather than catering to individual critic assessments.

In Cena’s words: “When I step into the WWE ring, my focus is on delivering an unforgettable experience for every person in attendance. While star ratings are a valuable metric for recognition and acknowledgment, my ultimate goal is to ensure that every fan leaves the arena with a smile, regardless of how many stars a critic may assign to my performance.”

He further emphasized his respect for critics and their role in the industry, recognizing the merit of their evaluations as a means for performers to gain visibility and appreciation. However, Cena’s personal ethos remains rooted in connecting with the audience and leaving a lasting impression through his in-ring prowess and showmanship.

Reflecting on his illustrious WWE career, Cena acknowledged his lone 5-star rating from Dave Meltzer, bestowed upon his match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank on July 17, 2011, as a testament to his dedication to the craft and the electrifying moments he’s delivered throughout his tenure.

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