NXT Vengeance Day: WWE’s Carmelo Hayes Takes a Turn with Trick Williams

NXT Vengeance Day: WWE's Carmelo Hayes Takes a Turn with Trick Williams

Shocking Betrayal Unfolds at NXT Vengeance Day

In a stunning turn of events during tonight’s WWE premium live event, NXT Vengeance Day, the crowd witnessed a massive betrayal as Carmelo Hayes betrayed his ally Trick Williams. The NXT World Champion, Ilja Dragunov, was set to defend his title against Trick Williams, who had the fervent support of the excited audience.

The pivotal moment occurred when the referee accidentally collided with Carmelo Hayes on the ring apron, leaving no one to count the pinfall just as it seemed Williams had the match in the bag. A substitute referee rushed in, but by the time he was ready for the pin, Dragunov managed to kick out.

Although Dragunov ultimately retained his title, the real shocker unfolded after the champion had left the ringside. While still in the ring together, Carmelo Hayes delivered a brief pep talk to Trick Williams, reassuring him that they were still Trick Melo Gang forever. However, this camaraderie took a dark turn as Hayes turned on Williams.

Without warning, Carmelo Hayes attacked Williams, focusing on the same knee that had been inadvertently entangled during the match. The assault continued with the use of a steel chair, and Hayes even sat triumphantly over Trick as the crowd erupted into vehement boos.

As the show went off the air, officials intervened, and Carmelo Hayes exited the scene. Overheard by the camera, Hayes seemed to blame the fans for the shocking betrayal that had just transpired.

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