NXT’s Newest Sensation: WWE Star Jazmyn Nyx Makes In-Ring TV Debut

NXT's Newest Sensation: WWE Star Jazmyn Nyx Makes In-Ring TV Debut

Exciting Debut and Chaotic Brawl on NXT’s Penultimate Episode Before Stand & Deliver

In a thrilling turn of events, tonight’s episode of NXT featured the long-awaited in-ring television debut of WWE star Jazmyn Nyx. Despite her involvement in the storyline with Chase U for some time now, viewers had yet to witness Nyx’s prowess in the ring on NXT television.

While Nyx has previously showcased her skills at NXT house shows, tonight marked her first official in-ring appearance on television. Skipping past NXT Level Up entirely, Nyx stepped into the ring for a match against Thea Hail, continuing their heated feud over Nyx replacing Hail as Jacy Jayne’s best friend.

The tension escalated mid-match when Jacy Jayne, standing on the apron, declared, “We were never friends!” before slapping Thea Hail. Nyx seized the opportunity, but Hail quickly countered, locking Nyx into a Kimura lock. Despite Nyx’s resilience, she ultimately tapped out, suffering her first televised defeat via submission.

The drama didn’t end there as the altercation spilled outside the ring, with Kiana James and Izzi Dame joining in to attack Hail, making it a three-on-one assault. However, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan rushed to Hail’s aid, resulting in a chaotic brawl and setting the stage for a future six-woman tag match.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on NXT, Dijak emerged victorious against Shawn Spears with an assist from Joe Gacy. Gacy’s strategic move saw him sneak out from beneath the ring to snatch Spears’ signature chair, leaving Spears bewildered and vulnerable in the ring.

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