Pre-WrestleMania 40: WWE SmackDown’s Clash – LA Knight vs AJ Styles

Pre-WrestleMania 40: WWE SmackDown's Clash - LA Knight vs AJ Styles

It appears that LA Knight might be gearing up to ignite a classic WWE moment on SmackDown, setting the stage for his upcoming showdown at WrestleMania 40.

After AJ Styles boldly declared his absence from the upcoming SmackDown episodes in Milwaukee and Brooklyn, asserting that LA Knight would have to wait until WrestleMania 40 to face him, Knight had something to say in response.

Responding to Styles’ video message where he ruled out any chance of retribution on SmackDown, LA Knight wasted no time in challenging Styles to a WrestleMania 40 match during last week’s SmackDown episode. And true to form, Styles accepted the challenge in a typical WWE fashion by blindsiding Knight.

Despite Styles’ absence from SmackDown, LA Knight seems unfazed, taking to Twitter to express his indifference, stating, “No #SmackDown huh? No problem.”

While Styles might be avoiding confrontation on SmackDown, LA Knight seems determined to track him down, leaving fans to speculate where he might ambush the Phenomenal One. With memories of Samoa Joe’s surprise invasion of AJ Styles’ home in 2018 ahead of their Super Show-Down title match still fresh, the WWE Universe is buzzing with anticipation.

Will LA Knight resort to unconventional methods to confront AJ Styles? Fans will have to tune in to tomorrow night’s SmackDown to see if Knight ventures beyond the arena in Milwaukee in search of his rival.

Meanwhile, amidst the anticipation surrounding LA Knight and AJ Styles, Nick Aldis has introduced a significant stipulation to a singles match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar, promising additional excitement for fans tuning in to SmackDown.

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