Revelation of John Cena’s Future WWE Role Unveiled

Revelation of John Cena's Future WWE Role Unveiled

After his defeat at WWE Crown Jewel 2023, where Solo Sikoa triumphed over him with 11 Samoan Spikes, the 16-time WWE Champion John Cena might have dropped hints about his future role in the company post his in-ring career.

Following his emotional farewell to fans after the match, Cena has been absent from WWE TV. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Cena discussed his future in the wrestling ring, acknowledging his age and the need to plan the next chapter of his career:

“As I turned 47 last year, I’ve been reflecting on my time in the WWE. I realize I don’t have much time left in the ring, and I’m contemplating when to bring closure to that chapter.”

Acknowledging the profound impact WWE has had on his professional and personal life, Cena expressed his commitment to making meaningful contributions rather than merely occupying a space:

“I wouldn’t be who I am without the WWE, and I made a promise to myself not to linger for my own sake. Every performance should be a full-hearted effort for the audience. As I approached 45, I started working on an exit strategy, and that’s what I’m currently focused on.”

When asked about the possibility of transitioning into a mentor or coach role after retiring from in-ring action, Cena shared:

“With almost two and a half decades of experience, I believe I can provide a mentor’s perspective. If I’m not part of the WWE family moving forward, it would be a missed opportunity for everyone involved.”

Cena expressed his willingness to collaborate with WWE on a suitable exit strategy, whether it involves a significant final match or a different way to signal the end of his wrestling career.

In a related note, John Cena also reacted to The Rock’s tease about a return match for Roman Reigns during the “Day One” edition of WWE Raw.

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