Rob Van Dam: Finding a Home in AEW Over WWE

Rob Van Dam: Finding a Home in AEW Over WWE

Legendary wrestler Rob Van Dam recently made headlines with his return to the ring in AEW, where he engaged in a hardcore match against Swerve Strickland.

In a recent episode of his podcast, ‘1 Of A Kind’, RVD took the opportunity to compare the backstage environments of WWE and AEW.

Surprisingly, he expressed a preference for the atmosphere at AEW shows over WWE tapings.

According to Van Dam, the vibe at AEW shows feels more comfortable and less overwhelming compared to WWE. He highlighted the respect he receives at AEW and emphasized the indie vibe that permeates the environment, making it feel less grandiose and more relaxed.

Van Dam noted that there seems to be less pressure and a simpler agenda at AEW events, contrasting with the perceived complexity and pressure of WWE tapings.

Despite Van Dam’s observations, it’s interesting to note that WWE legend The Undertaker recently offered a different perspective. The Undertaker shared that under Triple H’s regime, WWE events have become calmer and less intense.

This suggests that while Van Dam finds AEW more relaxed, WWE has also undergone changes to create a more serene atmosphere for performers.

As for the reaction to his AEW appearance, Rob Van Dam acknowledged the buzz surrounding his return to the promotion.

His comments shed light on the differences between the two wrestling giants and how performers perceive their respective backstage environments.

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