Santos Escobar’s WWE Faction Moniker

Santos Escobar's WWE Faction Moniker

Amidst the unfolding narrative on the latest episode of SmackDown, a nascent WWE faction seems to have unveiled its identity.

During the Friday broadcast, Santos Escobar found reinforcement in the form of two enigmatic accomplices, aiding him in triumphing over Bobby Lashley in the US Title tournament semi-finals.

Subsequently, the veiled personas disclosed themselves as none other than Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, aligning their destinies with that of Santos Escobar.

Taking to the realms of social media, Escobar shared a visual chronicle featuring himself alongside Garza and Carrillo, showcasing the unity of their newfound alliance.

In the backdrop of Escobar’s divergence from the Latino World Order, speculation looms that the trio, consisting of Escobar, Carillo, and Garza, might adopt the LWO acronym, formally christening themselves as the ‘Legado World Order.’

However, the official nomenclature for this collective is yet to receive validation from WWE.

These developments unfurl against the backdrop of earlier reports hinting at an impending confrontation between Escobar and Mysterio in a ‘group vs. group’ dynamic, post Mysterio’s return from injury.

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