Seth Rollins Extends Invitation to WWE’s Grayson Waller for NFL WrestleMania Spectacle

Seth Rollins Extends Invitation to WWE's Grayson Waller for NFL WrestleMania Spectacle

WWE SmackDown sensation Grayson Waller has hilariously responded to Seth Rollins’ intriguing proposal to NFL stars for WrestleMania 40.

In a thrilling Super Bowl LVIII match, the Kansas City Chiefs clinched victory against the San Francisco 49ers. The game showcased a showdown between two NFL giants, with Travis Kelce outshining George Kittle, ultimately securing the win for his team.

As a longtime wrestling enthusiast, Kittle’s WrestleMania 39 appearance alongside Pat McAfee against The Miz cemented his connection with the wrestling world. Meanwhile, speculation abounds among fans about Kelce’s potential transition to WWE.

In a recent interview, Seth Rollins extended an invitation to Travis and Jason Kelce for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, suggesting they bring along the Swifties – a nod to Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift.

Grayson Waller, in response to Rollins’ invitation, took to social media with a humorous reaction to the prospect of Taylor Swift’s fans attending the grand event. Waller shared a gif of Steve Carell vehemently shouting, “no, please no,” from the iconic series “The Office.”

Waller’s previous comments about Swift had drawn criticism from her dedicated fan base, the “Swifties.”

Currently representing the SmackDown brand, Grayson Waller finds himself amidst the vibrant WWE landscape, while Seth Rollins continues to shine as a top star on Monday Night Raw.

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