Shawn Michaels Weighs In on WWE NXT’s Bold Move in Opening the ‘Forbidden Door’

Shawn Michaels Weighs In on WWE NXT's Bold Move in Opening the 'Forbidden Door'

Shawn Michaels shares his insights on WWE NXT breaking barriers by opening the Forbidden Door, coinciding with Charlie Dempsey’s debut appearance for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

With the recent announcement of Charlie Dempsey’s participation in AJPW, WWE NXT seems poised to make history by venturing into new territories.

While Charlie Dempsey’s upcoming match in AJPW generates anticipation, fans were treated to his captivating ring entrance, creating a buzz among AJPW enthusiasts.

On Twitter, Shawn Michaels emphasizes WWE NXT’s mission to support and develop young superstars while evolving over time. He encourages fans to rally behind #CharlieDempsey as he competes for the Triple Crown Championship at @alljapan_pw on January 3, expressing confidence that Dempsey is an ideal ambassador for #WWENXT.

As WWE kicks off its first ‘New Year’s Knock Out Week‘ with an exciting Day 1 edition of WWE Raw on Monday, NXT follows suit with a special New Year’s Evil episode on Tuesday, featuring a headline NXT Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams. The week also promises thrilling premieres, including the Best of the Bump for 2023 on Wednesday and the Best of Premium Live Events for 2023 on Thursday.

Adding to the anticipation, Thursday marks the debut of a ‘WWE 2024 Preview Special,’ leading up to Friday’s SmackDown episode titled ‘New Year’s Revolution,’ providing fans with a captivating conclusion to the week.

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