Shelton Benjamin Draws Parallels Between Former WWE Stable and Avengers

Shelton Benjamin Draws Parallels Between Former WWE Stable and Avengers

The Hurt Business: A Superhero Saga

Professional wrestlers often embody larger-than-life characters, akin to real-life superheroes, captivating audiences with their feats in the ring. Yet, within the realms of wrestling factions, such as The Hurt Business, the comparisons to legendary superhero teams like The Avengers become strikingly apparent.

During a recent interview on “Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw,” Shelton Benjamin, a former member of The Hurt Business, unveiled the group’s internal superhero allegory. In this fantasy league of heroes, MVP assumes the role of Tony Stark, Benjamin himself embodies the power of Thor, Bobby Lashley transforms into the Hulk, and Cedric Alexander dons the mantle of Spider-Man.

What’s fascinating is how Benjamin elucidates the fluidity within the group’s dynamics. In the absence of one member, another seamlessly fills the void, symbolizing a cohesive unit akin to The Avengers. Despite their villainous personas in storylines, Benjamin emphasizes the mutual understanding and support they shared, echoing the camaraderie of iconic superhero teams.

However, reflecting on the dissolution of The Hurt Business, Benjamin expresses a sense of disappointment and disillusionment. He believes the faction had much more to offer the wrestling industry and feels betrayed by its untimely demise. This bittersweet sentiment underscores his pride in their accomplishments juxtaposed with the lingering bitterness of unanswered questions and shattered camaraderie.

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