The Undertaker Considers Another WWE Match: Insights from Mike Chioda

The Undertaker Considers Another WWE Match: Insights from Mike Chioda

Renowned referee Mike Chioda has shared a recent update on The Undertaker’s condition post-surgeries, expressing optimism about the WWE icon potentially having one more match.

During the latest installment of Mike Chioda’s ‘Monday Mailbag,’ Chioda observed that The Deadman is looking remarkably fit after a successful hip replacement surgery.

Expressing a desire to see The Undertaker make a return to the squared circle, Chioda stated:

“Taker appears to be in excellent shape. I know he underwent some surgeries, and it seems like they were successful, including the hip replacement and more. I believe he might have one more match in him, but if it happens, he should go over. No point in having the match unless The Deadman comes out on top. Let others build themselves up. I really hope he does step into the ring for one more match. It’s something I can envision happening.”

The Undertaker’s last in-ring performance took place at WrestleMania 36 in 2020, where he emerged victorious in a cinematic ‘Boneyard’ match against AJ Styles.

Following that, the wrestling legend officially announced his retirement ahead of Survivor Series 2020, which featured a special retirement ceremony dedicated to The Undertaker.

Having been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April 2022, The Undertaker concluded his induction speech with a cryptic ‘never say never’ message, leaving the door open for a potential comeback.

Since his induction, The Undertaker has made sporadic WWE appearances, notably hosting his ‘1 deadMan Show’ before major WWE live events.

Details about The Undertaker’s next appearance inside the WWE ring have been officially confirmed.

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