Under Triple H’s Leadership, Randy Orton Highlights a Positive Shift in WWE

Randy Orton Spotlights a Favorable Evolution in WWE With Triple H at the Helm

Randy Orton recently returned at Survivor Series from a major back surgery that took him to leave the WWE Ring for more than 18 months. Orton returned to take part during this year’s WarGames principal event and was assisting the former teammate Cody Rhodes. After the return of Orton, Orton made an appearance on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast, discussing his return to WWE and a major positive shift he’s witnessed during Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s administration, who is the one calling the shots.

“Back in the day, you were missing birthdays, you were missing anniversaries, you were missing holidays, and there was no either way about it,” Orton explained about how the organization operated under Vince McMahon. The past was when WWE had a reputation for constantly having its locker room in motion. But, after McMahon was forced to retire, and pushed Triple H into the role of overseeing the company’s creative direction, the company’s structure changed to benefit the working-life balance of stars.

Concerning the way Triple H does things, Orton explained, “I think he realizes how important family time is. And that’s one thing that has changed.” He added, “Now, there’s leniency there. Now, he’ll make sure that you can get home for the birth of your baby. Now, he’ll make sure that you can get home for that birthday. He understands now how important that is, and I think, company-wide, that’s been a change for the better.” Orton said his belief that Levesque is “one of the boys” and that, for Levesque, he’ll remain an office person.

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