What Lies Ahead for WWE’s Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio

What Lies Ahead for WWE's Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio

Randy Orton Applauds Rising WWE Star, Predicts a Bright Future

In a recent interview on WWE’s The Bump, wrestling legend Randy Orton showered praise on a young WWE sensation, asserting that this emerging talent has “the future by the balls.” Orton, who returned to the ring after an 18-month hiatus due to a back injury, shared his admiration for the promising star during a discussion about the recent Survivor Series event.

Orton made a noteworthy comeback at Survivor Series in Chicago, joining Cody Rhodes’ War Games team against Judgment Day as the final member. Just two days later, he engaged in his first singles match in over a year and a half, facing off against Dominik Mysterio on Raw.

During the interview, Orton specifically highlighted Dominik Mysterio, expressing his awe at the young wrestler’s potential. He remarked, “Oh my god, that kid’s got a hell of a future. We haven’t even seen anything from him yet, and he’s already done so much. The reaction he gets from the people, I’ve been able to work with him on some live events, and the kid’s good. He’s got the future by the balls.”

As anticipation builds for Orton’s participation in a four-way showdown for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble, where he, LA Knight, and AJ Styles will challenge Roman Reigns for the title, wrestling fans can’t help but share in Orton’s excitement for the rising star.

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