WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Reveals Untold Stories about El Gigante Fans’ Jaw-Dropping Reactions

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Reveals Untold Stories about El Gigante Fans' Jaw-Dropping Reactions

In the latter segment of the 1980s, a fierce bidding war unfolded between WWE and WCW for the acquisition of the towering 8-foot persona, Jorge Gonzalez. A former NBA draftee forced to exit the sport due to knee injuries, Gonzalez, after opting for WCW, immersed himself in training at the WCW’s Power Plant. Following a year-long preparation, the wrestling world was introduced to El Gigante at the Capital Combat pay-per-view event in 1990. Swiftly catapulted into the main event arena as a babyface, Gonzalez found himself allied with Sting and Lex Luger in a rivalry against the Four Horsemen.

Over the ensuing decades, Gonzalez engaged in intense conflicts with Ric Flair for the coveted WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He also squared off against Sid Vicious and One-Man Gang in a bid to establish the true “giant of WCW.” Despite WCW’s attempts to position Gonzalez as a perennial event presence, audience reception remained unenthusiastic. Reflecting on Gonzalez’s WCW stint, Jim Ross analyzed the reasons behind the Argentine giant’s inability to thrive in professional wrestling.

“Jorge is an amiable individual, but his lack of product knowledge was glaring,” Ross asserted on the “Grilling Jr.” show. “He lacked awareness of the subtleties within the wrestling industry. Understanding what not to do is crucial, and unfortunately, he lacked this insight. Even basic maneuvers posed challenges, necessitating my constant collaboration for promotional activities. I wasn’t indifferent when working with him, but it wasn’t a favorable experience. He lacked intuition. While likable to a degree, he failed to grasp the essence of the sport. Wrestling fans, being astute, fail to resonate with unseasoned and untrained performers.”

In 1993, Gonzalez decided to part ways with WCW, making a move to WWE. He underwent a rebranding process, emerging as Giant Gonzalez. Tragically, in 2010, at the age of 44, Gonzalez succumbed to complications arising from diabetes and heart issues.

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