WWE Judgment Day Merch Featuring R-Truth Brings the Laughs

WWE Judgment Day Merch Featuring R-Truth Brings the Laughs

On tonight’s WWE Raw, R-Truth unveiled the latest addition to the Judgment Day merchandise collection, adding a touch of humor to the ongoing saga with his mysterious alter egos.

Having already introduced two amusing Judgment Day shirts, R-Truth took center stage once again with a brand-new ‘Tom & Nick Mysterio’ tee, expanding his quirky line of merchandise available on WWE Shop.

The entertaining video from last Monday’s show inspired this third addition to the Judgment Day lineup, capturing the comedic essence of R-Truth’s belief that ‘Dominik Mysterio’ is, in fact, two individuals—Tom & Nick Mysterio, although he hasn’t met Nick yet.

During tonight’s WWE Raw episode, R-Truth continued his role in the Judgment Day storyline by actively engaging in ‘selling bootleg merch outside the arena.’ However, when he shared his considerable earnings with Damian Priest, the latter’s attitude towards Truth softened.

Priest, reminding R-Truth to avoid annoying other Judgment Day members, later spoke in support of Truth during a backstage segment.

In a subsequent tag team match where R-Truth was set to team up with The Miz, an unexpected twist unfolded. Truth mistakenly entered alongside the other members of Judgment Day, despite being advised earlier in the night not to tag into the match, leaving the outcome uncertain.

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