WWE Legend Kevin Nash’s Ultimate Wrestling Brain Trust: The Mount Rushmore of Managers

WWE Legend Kevin Nash's Ultimate Wrestling Brain Trust: The Mount Rushmore of Managers

In the illustrious career of WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, he had the privilege of being under the tutelage of renowned wrestling luminaries such as Miss Elizabeth, Harley Race, and Kevin Sullivan. Nevertheless, none of the individuals accompanying the towering figure known as “Big Sexy” found a place on his managerial Mount Rushmore, as revealed on the latest installment of his podcast, “Kliq This.”

Opting for a quartet that comprises Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, and Freddie Blassie, Nash’s choices resonate as some of the preeminent managers in the annals of professional wrestling. Paul Heyman, recognized for guiding WWE Superstars like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and Roman Reigns, donned the persona of Paul E. Dangerously in WCW during the early ’90s, where he steered the careers of Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, and Steve Austin. Cornette’s acclaim primarily stems from his collaboration with The Midnight Express, complemented by a pivotal on-screen role in WWE during the mid-1990s.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s contributions to WWE and WCW are hailed as pinnacle achievements by non-wrestlers in the sport’s history. His commentary during Ric Flair’s triumphant Royal Rumble in 1992 remains etched in fans’ hearts, along with his association with Ted DiBiase and the clash with The Ultimate Warrior. Freddie Blassie, the sole WWE loyalist among Nash’s selections, transitioned into managerial duties in 1974 after being compelled into retirement.

Surprisingly, Nash’s co-host, Sean Oliver, expressed astonishment at the absence of Captain Lou Albano from the esteemed list. Captain Lou, who guided the likes of Andre The Giant, Greg Valentine, and Pat Patterson, was excluded with Nash explaining, “Lou, I always regard as a worker, too.”

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