WWE Raw’s Cody Rhodes Receives Video Message from Seth Rollins

WWE Raw's Cody Rhodes Receives Video Message from Seth Rollins

In an exciting turn of events on this week’s Raw, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins delivered a captivating video message addressed to Cody Rhodes. This follows Cody’s triumph at the Royal Rumble, where he secured his second victory by eliminating CM Punk, earning his ticket to WrestleMania 40.

Cody’s impending WrestleMania challenge seemed set for a rematch against Roman Reigns, the reigning champion from last year’s main event in Los Angeles. However, a twist in the tale unfolded on the latest episode of Raw, as Seth Rollins confronted Cody in the ring. Rollins proposed an intriguing alternative, suggesting that Cody should vie for the World Heavyweight Championship against him instead of opting for a rematch against Reigns.

During the confrontation, Rollins playfully dubbed his title the ‘Dusty Rhodes title,’ in contrast to Reigns’ ‘Hollywood’ title. To further emphasize this unexpected development, Seth Rollins has now shared a remarkable video, providing his own narration over the electrifying segment from last night’s show.

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