WWE Sensation Reacts to Ilja Dragunov’s Pre-NXT Training

WWE Sensation Reacts to Ilja Dragunov's Pre-NXT Training

In anticipation of his upcoming NXT Championship match against Tony D’Angelo at NXT Stand And Deliver 2024, Ilja Dragunov has been diligently training. However, former NXT Tag Team Champion Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo isn’t backing down from the challenge.

Given the task by Tony D himself, Stacks is set to face Dragunov in a match on the March 26 episode of NXT, with the aim of softening up the NXT Champion before the big showdown.

Responding to Dragunov’s training video shared on social media, Stacks didn’t hesitate to showcase his own preparation. He posted a video of himself training hard and a snapshot of the graphic promoting their upcoming match.

It’s clear that both Dragunov and Lorenzo are gearing up for an intense battle, setting the stage for an electrifying encounter at NXT Stand And Deliver.

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