WWE Star Mike Santana Unveils Bold Transition to AEW

WWE Star Mike Santana Unveils Bold Transition to AEW

Mike Santana’s Wrestling Journey: From AEW to WWE Interest

Back in 2019, Mike Santana had a pivotal decision to make. The wrestling world was knocking on his door, with both WWE and AEW extending offers his way. However, Santana and his partner Ortiz decided to embark on a journey with AEW, drawn by the promise of being part of something groundbreaking.

Fast forward to early 2024, and Santana’s name was conspicuously absent from the AEW roster page. It was later confirmed that he had parted ways with the company. In a recent interview, Santana shed light on his past decisions and hinted at a potential shift towards WWE.

Reflecting on the past, Santana reminisced about the tempting offers from WWE during their contract negotiations with TNA. Despite the allure, they chose AEW, driven by a desire for a more manageable schedule and the opportunity to shape history from the ground up.

However, as Santana looks ahead, he admits to considering a move to WWE, albeit under his own conditions. Money isn’t the driving force; instead, it’s about finding a platform where he can truly flourish and make an impact beyond just being another name on the roster.

In the interview, Santana also opened up about his final months in AEW, describing it as a “very dark time.” Additionally, he addressed the end of his partnership with Ortiz, emphasizing that there’s no animosity between them.

Santana’s journey in wrestling has been one of tough choices and unwavering principles. As he ponders his next move, wrestling fans eagerly await to see where this talented performer will land next.

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