WWE’s WrestleMania 40: A Clash of Titans Featuring Cody Rhodes – Seth Rollins – Drew McIntyre and The Rock

WWE's WrestleMania 40: A Clash of Titans Featuring Cody Rhodes - Seth Rollins - Drew McIntyre and The Rock

WrestleMania 40 Drama Unfolds: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre Clash on WWE Raw

In the aftermath of fan uproar over Cody Rhodes deferring his WrestleMania 40 moment to The Rock, WWE Raw on February 5th kicked off with intense drama. The recent return of The Rock on SmackDown had stirred the pot, setting the stage for what would unfold.

Seth Rollins, taking the center stage, summoned Cody Rhodes to discuss a potential showdown at WrestleMania 40. Expressing his desire for the match and emphasizing its significance for both, Rollins pressed Rhodes to agree to face him for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Amidst the charged atmosphere, the crowd’s chants reverberated through the arena, with ‘We Want Cody’ and ‘Rocky Sucks!’ chants punctuating the discussion. Even Michael Cole on commentary couldn’t help but acknowledge the nostalgic feel, quipping, “Is it 1996 again?”

However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Drew McIntyre intervened, passionately advocating against Rhodes pursuing the championship. Drawing upon emotional strings by referencing Cody’s late father, Dusty Rhodes, McIntyre aimed to sway Rhodes away from the title picture.

The tension escalated as Rollins challenged McIntyre’s assumption that he would be the natural contender if not Cody. This exchange culminated in McIntyre launching an attack on Rollins, only to be driven away by Rhodes.

With WWE teasing various potential matchups – Rhodes vs. Rollins, Rhodes vs. McIntyre, or even a three-way clash involving all three – uncertainty loomed over the night’s proceedings. The possibility of a showdown between Rollins and McIntyre also hung in the balance, depending on WWE’s course of action regarding Rhodes.

As the drama unfolds, fans are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next twist in this WrestleMania saga.

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