14 WWE Signings Officially Announced

14 WWE Signings Officially Announced

WWE Unveils 14 New Talents in a Game-Changing Morning Announcement In a thrilling morning revelation on December 6, WWE took the wrestling world by storm with the official announcement of their 14 latest signings through the prestigious Next in Line developmental program. The wrestling juggernaut has once again demonstrated its commitment to nurturing fresh talent and evolving the landscape of professional wrestling.

Today’s breaking news puts the spotlight on fourteen accomplished college athletes who have successfully secured coveted spots in the NXT program. WWE’s Next in Line initiative continues to be a trailblazer, providing a golden ticket for college athletes to seamlessly transition into the world of WWE NXT.

WWE’s decision to welcome these fourteen athletes into the NXT fold underlines the company’s dedication to diversity and innovation in the ever-evolving world of sports entertainment. The NXT program emerges as a transformative opportunity, allowing college athletes to not only showcase their existing skills but also to adapt and excel in the realm of professional wrestling.

As we eagerly anticipate the debut of these fresh faces, it’s evident that WWE is shaping the future of the industry by investing in promising talents through programs like Next in Line. Stay tuned for an exciting journey as these fourteen college athletes embark on a new chapter within the WWE NXT program, promising fans a thrilling wave of athleticism and entertainment.

Here is the rundown of the newly signed individuals:

Adam Berghorst, Indiana State (Baseball)

Bayley Humphrey, Baylor (Acrobatics)

Darci Kahn, Howard (Track & Field)

Desmond Coleman, Liberty (Track & Field)

Grace Stephens, Monmouth (Track & Field)

Jeremy Cody, Miami (Track & Field)

Josh Pearcy, Rice (Football)

Kali Terza, Kennesaw State (Track & Field)

Lucas Davison, Michigan (Wrestling)

Momen Zahid, William & Mary (Football)

Sirena Linton, Arkansas (Gymnastics)

Skyla Schulte, Michigan State (Gymnastics)

Slane Glover, Ohio State (Cheerleading)

Stephen Buchanan, Oklahoma (Wrestling)

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