AEW Star Jack Perry’s Absence from Trademark Registrations

AEW Star Jack Perry's Absence from Trademark Registrations

Ever found yourself pondering the whereabouts of AEW Sensation Jack Perry, aka Jungle Boy, following his last electrifying performance at AEW All in in Wembley Stadium? The wrestling world has been abuzz with curiosity, and recent developments suggest there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

The intrigue kicked off on December 5th with the revelation that Jack Perry’s enterprise, “Boy Myth Legend Inc.,” had taken a strategic leap by filing trademark registrations for both his given name and the iconic “Jungle Boy” alias. This unexpected move has ignited speculation, leaving fans to wonder about the twists and turns in his wrestling journey, especially considering the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Jungle Boy’s final showdown at AEW All In against Hook in the Kick-Off match of the FTW Championship became unforgettable due to the infamous ‘real glass’ incident. This backstage altercation ultimately led to the departure of CM Punk from AEW and Jack Perry bidding farewell to the organization.

In a surprising turn of events, Perry’s trademark filings extend beyond the ordinary. The JACK PERRY ™ trademark registration covers a spectrum of merchandise, including hats, shirts, bandanas, short-sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts. Simultaneously, the JUNGLE BOY ™ trademark registration encompasses an array of items, ranging from hats and shirts to bandanas, short-sleeved shirts, and hooded sweatshirts.

Fans are now left to speculate on the implications of these trademark filings for Jungle Boy’s future. Is this a strategic move signaling his imminent return to AEW TV? Online discussions are buzzing with excitement, hinting at the potential for a captivating storyline. Perry might resurface as the elusive Devil, eyeing the AEW World Champion, MJF.

As the wrestling community eagerly anticipates Jungle Boy’s next move, the trademark filings introduce an intriguing element to the mystery surrounding his absence. Stay tuned for further updates as this enthralling saga continues to unfold in the dynamic realm of All Elite Wrestling.

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