WWE’s Eric Bischoff Responds to AEW’s Tony Khan: Strict Business

WWE's Eric Bischoff Responds to AEW's Tony Khan: Strict Business

Tony Khan Fires Back at Eric Bischoff as ‘Strictly Business’ Nears Its End

As the curtain falls on Strictly Business, Tony Khan didn’t hesitate to voice his thoughts, characterizing the show as a “fraud of a business podcast” in an early morning tweet.

Eric Bischoff, who co-hosts the podcast alongside Jon Alba, wasted no time in responding to Khan’s remarks. Taking to Twitter, Bischoff didn’t hold back, calling Khan a “money mark with no talent other than spending daddy’s money.” He also took a dig at Khan’s recent venture into Canada, where attendance numbers fell short of expectations.

Bischoff’s tweet was accompanied by a telling video from an AEW event, highlighting the sparse attendance in the arena, which seemed to support his stance on the matter.

The recent tour of Canada undertaken by AEW, spanning several episodes of Collision, Dynamite, and Rampage, culminated with the March 30 episode of Collision. However, amidst these developments, Jon Alba revealed that this week’s episode of Strictly Business would mark the end of the podcast. Alba cited Bischoff’s increasingly busy schedule and his focus on other ventures as the reasons behind the decision.

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