CM Punk and Seth Rollins’ Behind-the-Scenes WWE Connection

CM Punk and Seth Rollins' Behind-the-Scenes WWE Connection

The dynamic between CM Punk and Seth Rollins backstage following Punk’s WWE return has come to light, shedding new light on their relationship.

When Punk was released from AEW last year, speculation swirled about his potential return to WWE, especially given the history between Punk and some of the company’s top stars.

Among those stars, Seth Rollins stood out, having publicly labeled Punk a ‘cancer’ during a video game press event and airing grievances about him.

Their tensions boiled over during Punk’s return segment at Survivor Series, where Rollins appeared visibly agitated and attempted to confront Punk, setting the stage for their subsequent storyline.

Recently, on Raw, Punk, Rollins, and Drew McIntyre engaged in an unscripted verbal battle, drawing praise from both insiders and fans alike.

According to updates from Wade Keller, despite Rollins’ past issues with Punk, the two are reportedly on good terms backstage, collaborating on their segments for Raw.

Punk continues to receive positive reviews for his professionalism and demeanor backstage, earning respect from colleagues and management alike.

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