Addressing The Rock and CM Punk: Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown

Addressing The Rock and CM Punk: Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown

On the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Paul Heyman took the spotlight as he delved into topics involving The Rock, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, and surprisingly even brought up Taylor Swift!

Following a brief appearance by Roman Reigns earlier in the show, Paul Heyman seized the opportunity to address several hot topics on WWE SmackDown’s New Year’s Revolution.

As 2024 kicked off, Heyman delivered comments that spanned a wide range of subjects. In regard to The Rock, Heyman dubbed him a headline chaser, suggesting that without “dating Taylor Swift,” the only way to go viral was to call out Roman Reigns.

Dismissing The Rock’s comment, Heyman emphasized that merely desiring a seat at the table wasn’t enough; an invitation was necessary, and as of now, it hadn’t been extended.

Shifting gears to discuss CM Punk, Heyman acknowledged Punk’s return, acknowledging him as the original ‘Paul Heyman guy.’ However, he also asserted that in the years since Punk’s departure, Heyman had evolved from being a best friend to an advocate and now considered himself a wise man.

Heyman didn’t stop there; he took a moment to mention Cody Rhodes, pointing out that nearly a year had passed since Cody’s loss to Roman, yet he continued to talk about it.

In other developments on WWE SmackDown’s New Year’s Revolution, Roman Reigns and the Bloodline made a disruptive entrance during the main event, setting the stage for an intriguing match slated for Royal Rumble 2024.

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