The Rock Shatters WWE Record in 2024

The Rock Shatters WWE Record in 2024

The Rock smashed a WWE record, it was revealed on tonight’s WWE SmackDown New Years Revolution (January 5).

Following Roman Reigns’ unexpected arrival on Monday’s WWE Raw Day 1 and his subsequent viral tease about a potential matchup with the “Head of the Table,” WWE has officially broken a record.

WWE revealed on tonight’s SmackDown that the video of The Rock making an appearance on Day 1 has received over 171 million views, making it the most-watched clip in WWE history.

Beyond the newly circulated CM Punk return clip, The Rock expressed gratitude for his first-day experience performing in front of the audience.

Soon after tonight’s WWE SmackDown, The Rock posted on Twitter.

“More than 25 years of precious connection with the folks I will always cherish.

“This final eruption simply struck in a different way. Although I’ve been in some really loud crowd pops, this one was unique. strata. Feels cold.

“Users’ champion ???”

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