AEW All In Backstage Altercation Unveiled by First-Hand Account

AEW All In Backstage Altercation Unveiled by First-Hand Account

A recent revelation sheds light on the chaotic backstage confrontation during AEW All In, which ultimately resulted in the termination of CM Punk. Interestingly, the account comes not from a wrestler or someone affiliated with AEW but from DJ Whoo Kid, who shared his firsthand experience during a recent appearance on Jim Norton and Sam Roberts’ show.

DJ Whoo Kid provided insights into the tumultuous scene at Wembley Stadium, describing it as a “straight brawl city.” Positioned next in line for their performance, he recounted the intense atmosphere, stating, “It was crazy. It’s ongoing, they told me. This has been an ongoing… that was the last straw.”

According to DJ Whoo Kid, the backstage altercation was a pivotal moment for AEW, marking the culmination of a series of issues. He suggested that CM Punk may have been attempting to sabotage the significant event, explaining, “He wasn’t trying to go out there. I’m in the middle. I’m the fly on the wall. It was very intense. I always thought it was fake and all this s**t. It’s more real.”

Detailing the atmosphere, DJ Whoo Kid likened it to a wrestling match, jokingly saying, “A DDT, everything. I’m exaggerating.” He highlighted a moment of tension when someone exclaimed, “Fk this st, this is our moment, everybody get the fk out there and do your st.”

When pressed about who was shouting, DJ Whoo Kid couldn’t pinpoint the individual but provided a vivid description: “The big guy. The Hawaiian-looking [dude]. It was the guy going ham.” He also mentioned the aftermath of a previous fight, with blood everywhere, adding to the overall intensity.

Following the backstage incident, CM Punk was dismissed, with AEW CEO expressing concerns about feeling his life was in danger due to the unfolding situation.

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