AEW Star Cody Rhodes Emotionally References ‘Triple H Throne Smash’ on WWE RAW

AEW Star Cody Rhodes Emotionally References 'Triple H Throne Smash' on WWE RAW

In a poignant segment on WWE Raw, Cody Rhodes sat down for an interview with Michael Cole, delving into his recent actions, including the unforgettable moment of smashing the throne in AEW.

When asked by Cole about his decision to slap the Rock, considering their connection through TKO, Rhodes responded with a touch of humor. He confessed that there was a certain satisfaction in slapping one’s boss, before seamlessly transitioning to recount the AEW incident.

Despite Cole’s skepticism regarding Seth Rollins’ trustworthiness, Rhodes emphasized the potential for change over time. Reflecting on his own journey, he highlighted how he once rebelled against authority by smashing the throne, only to find Triple H, the man who once occupied it, now standing as his biggest supporter.

Turning his attention to Roman Reigns, Rhodes expressed a sense of urgency, believing there might not be another opportunity for him. He reiterated his commitment to realizing his WrestleMania dream, vowing not to defer it any longer.

Drawing inspiration from his family and loyal fans, Rhodes shared his determination to “finish the story” and bring victory to those who have supported him through thick and thin. As he concluded the interview, Rhodes left no doubt about his intentions, signaling his readiness to seize the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40.

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