AEW Star Shane Taylor Commends Lee Moriarty Earning Mutual Respect

AEW Star Shane Taylor Commends Lee Moriarty Earning Mutual Respect

AEW standout and former ROH World TV Champion Shane Taylor has commended Lee Moriarty and expressed determination to earn respect.

During the AEW Collision episode on January 20, Jon Moxley secured a hard-fought victory against Shane Taylor in a compelling opening match. Moxley’s return to the promotion was marked by this intense encounter, serving as Taylor’s Collision debut.

On January 21, All Elite Wrestling released a video capturing Shane Taylor’s post-match thoughts after his defeat. He stated:

“Let’s talk, Moxley. You know what? Lee Moriarty is the most exceptional young technical wrestler globally. Jericho passed on him, Blackpool Combat Club passed on him.”

“They chose Garcia, they chose Yuta. None of them can match up to him. You abandoned Lee Moriarty, but the wolves are now on his side.”

“Tonight, my Collision debut didn’t matter. It was about sending you a message. Nothing gets taken from STP. No one excludes us from anything.”

“Everyone will respect us. This industry will respect us, and we will achieve that by any means necessary. Rumble, young man, rumble.”

Shane Taylor later shared the video and added more reflections:

“Every lesson we learn along the way only makes us stronger… and our journey to the top will be even more satisfying.”

“We warned you. #ShaneTaylorPromotions #TheBaddest #TAIGASTYLE #PresentAndFuture”

Recently, Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty have been prominently featured on ROH programming as part of Shane Taylor Promotions, with both men making more frequent appearances on AEW TV.

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