AEW’s CEO Tony Khan Responds to Allegations Against WWE’s Vince McMahon

AEW's CEO Tony Khan Responds to Allegations Against WWE's Vince McMahon

In light of recent allegations and a lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE, Tony Khan, CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has addressed the matter.

Filed on January 25, the lawsuit accuses McMahon of sexual trafficking and abuse, with WWE and John Laurinaitis also named as defendants.

In an interview with FanSided MMA, Khan was asked about the situation and what steps AEW is taking to ensure the safety of women in the wrestling industry.

While refraining from directly commenting on the allegations against WWE, Khan emphasized AEW’s commitment to creating a safe environment for all wrestlers, regardless of gender.

“Our priority is to foster a safe locker room environment for everyone,” Khan stated. We’ve built a strong bond within our locker room, and there are support systems in place.

Whether it’s through open channels of communication or having individuals both on the wrestling and administrative sides who are dedicated to maintaining a safe workspace, we strive to make AEW a place where everyone feels valued and protected.

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