AEW’s Ethan Page Makes a Bold Statement on Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Legacy

AEW's Ethan Page Makes a Bold Statement on Matt and Jeff Hardy's Legacy

While it’s improbable for him to align himself with the Hardy Boys, Ethan Page collaborated extensively with seasoned veterans throughout the majority of 2023, predating even Matt Hardy’s ownership of his contract. Furthermore, he holds the conviction that these veterans should be perennially acknowledged for their enduring trials and their continuous sharing of their talents.

Speaking on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Page expressed, “In the realm of wrestling, there are individuals who may exude niceness, friendliness, and cordiality. However, when delving into the business aspects, most individuals tend to manifest a pronounced selfishness.” He went on to contrast this by emphasizing Matt’s prioritization of crafting compelling narratives over personal gain.

The focal point of their collaboration transpired during “AEW Dark: Elevation,” and Page conceded that it provided them with copious amounts of entertainment. Despite his willingness to defer to the experienced voices on the optimal course of action, it did not result in them usurping the spotlight or fixating on their personal agendas.

Page conveyed his gratitude towards Matt, affirming, “He consistently had my best interests in mind, ensuring that any collaborative endeavor we undertook was mutually advantageous. Such consideration is a rarity in the wrestling sphere, and I will carry my appreciation for Matt throughout the entirety of my career, harboring enduring affection for him.”

The Hardys have recently become vocal about their discontent regarding their presence on AEW television, with Jeff Hardy articulating a sensation of being akin to phantoms. Both siblings have expressed a desire to engage more actively, affirming their enduring passion for their craft, a sentiment personally witnessed by Page.

“Jeff lives for the fans,” he conveyed to the press. “They relish the connection with their audience, finding immense joy in putting on a captivating spectacle for the fans… Their love for it is truly genuine.”

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