Bryan Danielson Aims for Wrestling’s Elite: Kazuchika Okada Eyed for AEW

Bryan Danielson Aims for Wrestling's Elite: Kazuchika Okada Eyed for AEW

Renowned AEW Star and former WWE Champion Bryan Danielson has voiced his desire for Kazuchika Okada, a prominent figure in New Japan Pro Wrestling, to join All Elite Wrestling (AEW) rather than opting for WWE.

As Kazuchika Okada nears the end of his tenure with New Japan Pro Wrestling, speculation mounts regarding his next destination as a free agent.

Recent reports from Fightful Select suggest that Okada is leaning towards signing with AEW after concluding his commitments with New Japan Pro Wrestling, stirring anticipation among fans.

Despite this inclination towards AEW, some enthusiasts still harbor hopes of Okada making a switch to WWE.

In a recent conversation with Tokyo Sports, Bryan Danielson, representing AEW, expressed his thoughts on Okada’s impending free agency. He emphasized his desire for Okada to join AEW, acknowledging Okada’s global acclaim as an exceptional talent:

“Of course I want him to come to AEW. Fans all over the world know how great Okada is. Both WWE and AEW are major players, but I hope he comes to AEW.”

Reflecting on the possibility of Okada debuting in WWE’s NXT brand before transitioning to the main roster, Bryan Danielson dismissed the notion, asserting Okada’s readiness for the American wrestling scene:

“If he went to WWE, they might have him start with (third brand) NXT like Shinsuke (Nakamura) to adapt to the American style, but it’s already completed. Okada doesn’t need that. He’s one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, so he should just come to the United States without changing anything.”

Their recent clash at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 saw Kazuchika Okada emerging victorious against Bryan Danielson, adding further intrigue to the ongoing narrative surrounding their potential crossover paths.

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