Challenge Issued by Matt Riddle to Hiroshi Tanahashi in NJPW

Matt Riddle Announces Exciting Venture into New Japan Pro Wrestling and Issues Challenge to NJPW World Television Champion

Former WWE star Matt Riddle is making waves as he embarks on a new journey with New Japan Pro Wrestling, as revealed in a video package during NJPW New Year Dash on January 5. In the footage, Riddle showcases his flashy-looking car and MMA style before passionately issuing a challenge to the current NJPW World Television Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi, garnering applause from the enthusiastic NJPW fans.

Tanahashi, however, seemed unfamiliar with Riddle, as translated by the commentary team: “I’ll do it… but, I have no idea who that guy is. So, I’ll have to go back and do some research first.”

Expressing his excitement about joining NJPW, Riddle had previously shared that it was a significant item on his wrestling bucket list, marking his debut with the promotion. Additionally, he announced the retirement of his “goofball” WWE character, assuring fans that he is ready to showcase his true in-ring capabilities to the world.

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