AEW Revelation: Adam Copeland Unveils Final Career Match Plans

AEW Revelation: Adam Copeland Unveils Final Career Match Plans

Adam Copeland, the renowned Rated R Superstar, has recently outlined some preliminary plans for the grand finale of his illustrious wrestling career. During a conversation with Sam Roberts on Notsam Wrestling, Copeland shed light on his transition to AEW and disclosed his timeframe for continuing his wrestling journey, indicating a remaining “two-year window” within the AEW ring.

Building on this discussion in the same interview, the WWE Hall of Famer provided further insights into the conclusion of his career and shared ideas for his last match. Copeland entered AEW with the intention of wrapping up his career alongside industry friends, including his lifelong best friend Christian Cage and the FTR guys. He expressed excitement and already had initial ideas for the final showdown.

Copeland stated, “I walked into this thinking this is where I’m ending my career. I’m ending it with some of my best friends in the industry… it’s really nice. And, again, really exciting. In my mind, I already have ideas for the end.”

While contemplating the finale, he acknowledged that it doesn’t necessarily have to be triumphant, as he has already experienced such moments. Interestingly, Copeland hinted that Christian may not be his final opponent, stating, “I don’t know if it’s Christian anymore.”

In an ideal scenario, Copeland envisions the importance of the location, expressing a strong desire to have his last match at Maple Leaf Gardens. He even entertained the possibility of organizing an indie event for a day to make it happen, emphasizing the significance of returning to the place where he first witnessed live wrestling.

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